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The Singing Tutor E-Book

One of my students (Jade Burke) music video goes viral! more

"Achieve A Great Singing Voice With My Easy
Singing Lessons E-Book Download".
I am the vocal coach professionals turn to for help and I will show you how you could achieve success easily and at the unbelievable low cost of. Only £39.99 ($65.00)

...See how I helped X Factor U.S.A equivilant "Pop Idol" winner Michelle McManus

...A Singing Lessons Program That Will Achieve Results In Only
TEN Minutes Per Day... Or Your Money Back GUARANTEED!

Download The Singing Tutor E-Book Program And Learn In Your Own Home
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If you don't want to have voice problems, learn the correct singing technique

Imagine what it would feel like to have the perfect singing voice within 30 days!
Beginners and professionals alike... And at a fraction of what you would expect to pay!
Private Tuition Also Available...more info

katrina muir jaunita cabrera matt ramsey

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Six Month Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Completely Satisfied

Latest News

matt ramsay

Singing Student Matt Ramsay recording his vocals on his first single called "Say What You will". The song witten by Robert Puzey who wrote hits for The Nolans (including "I'm in the mood for Dancing") and many more chart topping artistes is a pop ballad and has received great interest within the music industry.
Matt's rich warm musical theatre voice has developed well with his training and his single is out now on iTunes.

Watch student Matt's interview and performance on SKY TV
more video
  Congratulations To singing student Lauren Sheridan. who after extensive auditions in New York and London, has just secured a singing part in the Broadway musical "Rock Of Ages" Lauren has worked for some years as a dancer in various shows in theatre and on cruise ships but wanted to improve her singing in order to further her career. Lauren starts rehearsals in Ney York in August this year and will perform with the broadway show on NCL. Michelle McManus Michelle McManus - Pop Idol Winner - TV presenter
Thank you Robert for all the help you and advice you gave me during my time competing in Pop Idol. Michelle x
See Robert Wishart with Michelle and Stephen Jardin on "The Hour"
garry mullen (fredie mercury)

International Freddie Mercury (Queen)Tribute Gary Mullen.
...I just want to say thanks Robert for preparing my voice for my forthcoming tours of Germany and the U.S.A early 2014.
Your coaching skills are invaluable to my performance of giving the best Freddie Mecury souund possible. Gary
Watch Gary in concert.

Q. what do the following singers have in common; Adele, Elton John, Julie Andrews?
A. they have all suffered fom severe vocal injury from not singing properly early in their career, thus having to have medical help to correct the injury followed by rest and vocal coaching. And these are only a few. There are many more famous singers who have encountered similar injury though lack of correct training. I've lost count of the number of singers I've had to help to get their voice back to pristine condition through lack of knowledge and correct training. The most common problem singers encounter are vocal nodules. Vocal nodules happen when someone uses their voice incorrectly over long periods of time with the wrong vocal technique, where the vocal folds rub together causing friction which in turn causes blister like lumps on the vocal folds, preventing the voice from functioning in it's normal manner.
Singing with the proper technique allows a person to use the voice with freedom for long periods without problems occuring.

Here's what You Get...
The singing tutor E-Book program including 86 audio files. including all instructions and audio files required to make you a great singer
Vocal warm-up CD.
A CD with vocal exercises to warm up the voice before a performance. Play it in the car or load it onto your mp3 player and practice wherever you are.
Virtual Piano keyboard software.
A desktop piano keyboard that allows you to play notes and practice pitch control, also great for finding the correct key to a song.
Recording studio software.
recording studio sofware which will allow you to load your favorite backing tracks and record your voice. This can then be burned onto CD to make your own album.
Professional Backing track.
A high quality backing track to allow you to sing using the techniqes which you have learned in the Singing Tutor Program.
Microphone technique E-Book.
My microphone technique e-book, giving you all the do's and don'ts to get the best sound from a microphone whether it be on stage or in the recording studi0.

If you want to learn to sing with a technique proven to work quickly but think you can't or maybe think that learning to sing is too expensive, then this may be the most important web page that you will ever read.

Maybe you think to learn how to sing is too difficult, would take too long or cost too much.
Maybe you think you just don't have what it takes to learn to sing or maybe you think you are a good singer but for some "unknown" reason you just don't seem to be getting the right breaks.
Whatever the reasons, I have the answers and I will share them with you.

FACT-Singing with the wrong technique can damage your voice beyond repair!

Learning to sing with the correct technique takes all of the strain away from your vocal cords. There is no reason why you should have a sore or hoarse voice after a three hour singing session. I should know because my performances last this long and on occassions even longer.

You will be amazed at just how simple it is to learn to sing and be successful. I don't have a magic wand, but my program is probably the next best thing!

How I helped the BBC.
Recently I was commissioned by BBC Radio Scotland to take a bunch of "NON SINGING" producers and presenters for the Macaulay & Co. radio show (presented by Fred MaCaulay) and turn them into a choir with only nine hours of coaching and to be good enough to sing live on the radio for children in need.

You can listen to this "NON SINGING BUNCH" before any coaching and after only a few hours coaching when they sang live on Radio Scotland's MacAulay and Co show.

BBC Choir Before any coaching
BBC Choir after only a few hours coaching
Thanks so much to you Robert! Your efforts were greatly appreciated and I'm sure we'll be seeing you again in the future. I think Fred wants to join the choir now and our series producer was practically in tears listening to them! Absolutely brilliant!
Thanks again and we'll see you soon,

Karen Higgins, Topical and Events, BBC Scotland ... listen to interviews and rehearsals

From karaoke singers to pop stars I have worked with them all in every aspect of voice training. From bad pitching to some who just couldn't sing one note in tune and I've helped them not only to achieve their goals but also increase their confidence levels.

If you are entering X-Factor as it comes to the U.S.A you need this program.

Read on to find out how one person who, after using my training techniques for just two months became a professional singer.

And it won't cost you a fortune!

Learning to sing is easy! If you can speak you can sing and I can show you how. I guarantee you will surprise yourself and impress your friends at just how quickly you can achieve a fantastic singing voice.

Imagine yourself two months from now having a voice you once only dreamed of. With my teaching method it's easy, It's quick, it's not expensive and it's achievable.

You could easily make four times the cost of this program with two hours work as a singer!

The Singing Tutor Test On Two Would Be Singers

One student who could not sing at all, was singing professionally three nights per week after using The Singing Tutor for only two months.

Subject 1.
.. I recorded myself singing one day and was horrified when I played the recording back. It sounded like a cat having it's tail pulled.
I worked my way through The Singing Tutor exercises and after one month was confident enough to sing at a karaoke bar.
I ended up going to karaoke almost every night and was quite shocked when four weeks later I was approached and offered a job singing professionally in a country band. I now work three nights per week at various clubs as well as working at my regular job. My singing, my confidence and my popularity increase every time I get on stage...
Duncan Knight. Uddingston

Subject 2.
Decided he did not need (or was too embarrassed to admit he needed) tuition.
Two months later he is still singing (BADLY) the same two songs on a regular basis at his local karaoke night.


Here's what you will achieve, to take you from beginner to professional standard.

Ear training, Pitch and Timing. (Sing in tune and with correct timing)

Vocal health. (How to make sure you don't develop voice problems)

Proper Breathing techniques. (The most important part of good singing)

Vowel Pronunciation and Placement. (How to give a great quality to your voice)

How to sing higher and lower than you ever thought possible.(You won't believe you can do it)

How to sing harmony. (An easy way to be able to sing all kinds of harmony)

How to be more confident and assertive. (Not only for singing but for every day life situations).

Advice on buying and setting up a sound system. (Tips and tricks the professionals use)

How to get your first job as a professional singer. (The secrets of starting out as a singer)

Get a record deal. (How to approach a record company it's not what you would imagine)

Recording techniques. (How to feel comfortable in a recording studio etc.)


Don't Take My Word For It Listen To Some Of My Customers....

Support Act To international Recording Star Lena Martell
"... who would have thought that I could be the support act to international recording star Lena Martell. I never thought the exercises would be easy to master or even work but you've proved me wrong the singing tutor works..."
Tony Andrews Cabaret artiste, support act to Lena Martell (One Day At A Time. UK # 1)
Listen to a sample of Tony

People Have Noticed My Voice
"...Wow awesome ! People have noticed that my voice and stage presence are much better since using the singing tutor exercises. The reaction I get from audiences is great and I now have different styles of music in my stage set. Thanks again Robert..."
Dyane Barry currently cabaret singer currently being saught after by the Disney corporation.....
listen to a sample of Dyane

Voice Improvement And Confidence
"...The singing tutor eBook improved my voice and gave me the much needed confidence which helped me pass the audition with "celebrity cruise line"...

Lorna Dolan currently singing with "Celebrity Cruises" in the Caribbean.
Listen to a sample of Lorna

...After using the singing tutor program
Hi Robert, thanks for the ad, I'm still using your vocal coaching, I have been singing in a band for about 12 months now so your coaching has been a great help. All the best
Michael Rossiter currently singing in a band in Scotland
Listen to a sample of Michael


Singing with the wrong technique
will damage your vocal chords!

If you don't learn the correct methods of singing, the chances are at some time you will have voice problems like nodules and believe me I've come across my share of singers with this problem.

Nodules are small callouses which form on the vocal chords caused by the vocal chord rubbing together. They prevent you from singing properly making it impossible to hit certain notes.

It usually requires surgery to put right as in the case of Elton John who now has to sing lower than he did prior to his nodules and Julie Andrews who now cannot sing at all.

All singers should learn how to prevent nodules and other voice related problems and should know how to take care of their voice with good vocal technique.

There's now one of three choices you should make.
1. Decide later and come back only to find that the price has gone back up.
2. Go away and keep on dreaming of what might have been.
3. Buy right now and take advantage of this incredible low offer, safe in the knowlege that if you are not completely happy with the product you will get a full refund no questions asked.

With this one time offer you won't have to pay hundreds of pounds/dollars!

Click the "Instant Download" button below now
and get the voice you've always wanted!

Only £39.99 ($65.00)

instant download button

The Singing Tutor is also available in hard copy including exercise CD's £149.99

Learn with this incredible teaching method before the price goes back up.

This special offer is for a limited time which I expect to end soon as I can't keep the price low forever. If you return to buy in a few days and the price has gone up there's nothing I can do about it. (Special offer is for the download version only)

When you buy, you don't have to worry because I offer a SIX MONTHS money back guarantee.

This means that if you buy The Singing Tutor right now, use it for six months and if for any reason whatsoever you don't want to keep it, just let me know and I'll refund your payment immediately no questions asked. THAT'S MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE!

100%  guarantee

Privacy Policy

I understand that privacy is important to everyone. That's why my policy is to keep your information private and not to supply to any one else for any reason and that's a promise.

I use PAYPAL as my secure payment option so whether you make your payment from a paypal account or any major credit card, you know your transaction will be totally safe.


If you buy TODAY I am going to give you
"FIVE BONUSES ABSOLUTELY FREE!" worth over £60 ($90)

Even if you decide not to keep The Singing Tutor you can keep the bonuses as a thank you for trying the product.

You will get a virtual recording studio
FREE which will allow you to load your favorite backing tracks and record your voice. This can then be burned onto CD to make your own album.
This is not trial version but a fully operational digital mutitrack recording studio.
virtual recording studio

You will get a professional Backing Track produced and supplied by absolutely FREE!
The track is produced to the highest standards and used by professional singers worldwide.
The track has been carefuly chosen to use all the techniqes used in singing.

You will also receive FREE a Virtual piano keyboard so that you can play notes and practice pitch control. It's also great for finding the correct key to sing a particular song.
virtual piano
You will be receive my vocal warm-up CD. With 12 great vocal warm-up exercises it is an absolute must for warming up your voice before you sing. Use it in the car or on your mp3 player and make sure you give your audience the best performance.

And You will receive my microphone technique e-book, giving you all the do's and don'ts to get the best sound from a microphone whether it be on stage or in the recording studio. Correct microphone technique is as important as singing technique.

Michelle McManus-celebrity and winner of TV's "POP IDOL"
Let me share with you the conversation I had with
UK "POP IDOL" WINNER Michelle McManus (right) the night before her first audition for pop Idol. (Michelle was a contestant in a local talent contest which I was running on this night)...
Michelle: "Robert I have an audition for pop idol tomorrow morning."
Robert: "That's great Michelle, good luck..."
Michelle:"I know I won't get anywhere though because I don't have the right I'm just going along for the experience..."
I wished her luck knowing that her superb voice and personality would carry her through.
Michelle McManus Pop Idol winner
Michelle McManus

Maybe you think you could improve your singing but you don't have the right image!

Can you imagine if Michelle had wakened the following morning and decided that going to the audition would be a waste of time because of her image. Instead of going on to win "POP IDOL", having a number one single " All This Time" and a number one album "The Meaning Of Love" she would probably still be working at her previous job as an events manager in a hotel!

"Don't let anything stop you from fulfilling your dream."

BUY NOW before the price goes up...
Click Here !

Yours Sincerely

Robert Wishart-the Singing Tutor
The Singing Tutor

P.S. Remember you have nothing to lose with my SIX MONTH money back guarantee. Use the singing tutor for thirty days. I know you won't want a refund

P.P.S. You could start on your journey to become a professional singer minutes from now.
Don't put off your dreams any longer, take that first step to your new venture by BUYING NOW.
You won't regret it.

"Yes I would like to get the best chance to help me win X-Factor U.S.A. and take up your 50% Discount
offer including five free bonuses worth £60.00!

instant download
Only £39.99 ($65.00)

credit card logo

Backing tracks supplied by

* Prices in dollars are approximate


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