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Singing student (Jade Burke) music video goes VIRAL! more
You want to improve your singing... RIGHT?
Are you a karaoke singer, sing in a choir, sing in musical theatre, sing in a band, professional singer with a voice problem, or you just want to get the best singing voice?
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Singing Lessons - Glasgow - Paisley - Renfrewshire
- Scotland

Teenage twins "SHOUT OUT" about friends death.
Find out what Rachelle and Brittany Davies from Glasgow are doing to honour their friends death...More

rod stewart Rod Stewart Backs two of my singing students
Rock legend Rod stewrat urged his twitter followers to buy the charity single "Shout Out" by two of my singing students twins Rachelle and Brittany Davies. In his tweet he write " A pleasure to see young talent giving something back. Purchase Glasgow's @Rach_Britt's first single and support @YoungMindsUK. Download
Michelle McManus

Michelle McManus - Pop Idol Winner - TV presenter
Thank you Robert for all the help you and advice you gave me during my time competing in Pop Idol. Michelle x
See Robert Wishart with Michelle and Stephen Jardin on "The Hour"

Singing without the correct technique can damage your voice!



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Tel: 0141 561 3410 - Email:
matt ramsay Singing Student Matt Ramsay recording his vocals on his first single called "Say What You will". The song witten by Robert Puzey who wrote hits for The Nolans (including "I'm in the mood for Dancing"), Billy Ocean and many more chart topping artistes is a pop ballad and has received great interest within the music industry.
Matt's rich warm musical theatre voice has developed well with his training and his single is out now on itunes
Watch Matt's interview and performance on SKY TV
more video

14 year old Brittany Davies wins first place in Largs Got Talent.
Brittany received a cheque for £500.00 after wowing the judges with her own composition. Brittany also sings with her twin sister Rachelle andhave ben writing and performing song at charity events helping to raise money for local needs. Brittany and Rachelle perform an original song "Shout Out"

Hi, I'm Robert Wishart and I have been in the music business for thirty six years and coaching singers of all ages for almost twenty years as well as developing The Singing Tutor online learn to sing program.

Working with many successful professional artistes, as well as getting complete beginners to sing, my pedigree speaks for itself.

I get a great sense of achievement when I coach someone from beginner through to become a professional singer as well as fixing vocal problems some professional singers get, through singing with the wrong technique.

Based in Inchinnan (near Glasgow Airport), within easy commuting of Glasgow, Paisley and surrounding areas.

Q. Why do I need a vocal coach?
A. Footballers, tennis players, gymnasts, dancers, actors and singers who want to be the best in their field ALL have coaches to work on technique, inspire and push them to be the best. Professional singers from Pop to Opera (including Beyonce, Adele, and Justin Timberlake to name just a few) all have vocal coaches. Even contestants on X-Factor, The voice and Britains Got Talent have a vocal coach to help them be the best and prevent damge to their voice. If youre a singer, you want to be the best that you can possibly be and be able to sing for many years without voice problems, RIGHT?

Q. What will you do for me?
A. What I will do with you is give you the correct technique for getting the best from your singing and performance with the least effort. Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional singer I will get you singing with better contol and give you the ability to reach those high notes most singers only dream about but without the strain.

Q. what do the following singers have in common; Adele, Elton John, Julie Andrews?
A. they have all suffered fom severe vocal injury from not singing properly early in their career, thus having to have medical help to correct the injury followed by rest and vocal coaching. And these are only a few. There are many more famous singers who have encountered similar injury though lack of correct training. I've lost count of the number of singers I've had to help to get their voice back to pristine condition through lack of knowledge and correct training. The most common problem singers encounter are vocal nodules. Vocal nodules happen when someone uses their voice incorrectly over long periods of time with the wrong vocal technique, where the vocal folds rub together causing friction which in turn causes blister like lumps on the vocal folds, preventing the voice from functioning in it's normal manner.
Singing with the proper technique allows a person to use the voice with freedom for long periods without problems occuring.

Unlike most other vocal coaches who only teach how to sing properly using the correct technique but the tuition also includes performance and recording techniques, buying equipment, basics on setting up a P.A system, presentation, getting work as a singer and much more and in fact your tuition is tailored exactly to your needs.
you will also be given the opportunity to perform at one of many live showcases.

With direct contact to major entertainment agencies I have been successful in getting some people prime work singing.

With state of the art recording equipment, you will have the opportunity to have a song recorded on CD at the beginning as well as throughout your tuition so that you can hear your progress.

Recently I was commissioned by the BBC to teach some of their presenters and producers of the Fred MacAulay show, to sing for children in need. Here's what they had to say...

BBC Radio Scotland-Thanks so much to you Robert! Your efforts were greatly appreciated and I'm sure we'll be seeing you again in the future. I think Fred wants to join the choir now and our series producer was practically in tears listening to them! Absolutely brilliant!
Thanks again and we'll see you soon,
Karen Higgins, Topical and Events, BBC Scotland ...BBC children in need gallery
BBC Choir Before any coaching
BBC Choir after only a few hours coaching
katrina muir Festival For Stars Talent Contest
Well done to my student Katrina Muir for getting runner up place in the U.K. final of the Festival for Stars talent contest out of over twenty thousand entrants. Katrina is getting closer to this space.
  tia butterworth

Congatulations to student 10 year old Tia Butterworth from Dumfries who recently entered her first singing competition and won.
Tia is dedicated to becoming a great singer and travels a round trip of 170 miles every week to have her singing lesson with me.
At such a young age it's hard to believe she has witten a song and is working on her second song, watch this space for more info...

Zig Zag Singing Choir

Pop : Rock : Motown
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What will I learn?

You will learn how your voice and vocal folds (chords) work including good vocal health.

You will Learn singing exercises to prevent any damage to your voice when you sing.

You will learn correct breathing technique including intercostal and diaphragmatic breathing.

You will learn correct vowel pronunciation and vowel placement.

You wil learn how to phrase a song and sing with the desired feeling for any particular genre of music.

You will learn how to get the absolute best sound from your voice.

You will learn to sing higher and lower than you thought possible.

You will learn how to sing in your chosen style(s) eg; Pop, Jazz, Rock etc.

You will learn microphone techniques for stage and recording.

You will learn how to sing harmony.

You will Have opportunities to sing live on stage at one of many showcases

You will learn how to set up a sound system and get the best sound.

You will be given the opportunity to make a CD and learn the process of recording.

Are you in a singing group?
Group sessions are also available please call for details

Unlock your true potential as a singer... These people have!
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Tel: 0141 561 3410 - Email:

Singing Lessons - Glasgow - Paisley - Renfrewshire
Vocal coach Glasgow - Vocal coach Paisley - Scotland

Singing Lessons

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